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Prayer is vital to living a Christian life. For years, we've been blinded by the enemy's lies about what we can and cannot pray for. This book will take you on a scriptural journey to expose the deceit that has ensnared Christians and kept them from living the lives God intended them to live. We will seek out the evidence that proves God wants His children to pray big prayers and that He will answer them. When your prayer life changes, every area of your life will exponentially change with it. Religion might tell you what you are "allowed" to pray, but God puts no limits on the prayers of His people. He wants you to trust Him with your heart's desires. Above all, it is His will for you to be blessed and reap a bountiful harvest. If you're unsure how to pray big prayers or if it's really what we're supposed to do, come along on this journey and see what God Himself has to say.

Heather Barrett

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